Wi-Fi Nugget - Assembled

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A fully assembled Wifi Nugget based on the ESP8266, complete with screen, buttons, neopixel, headers, and D1 mini board, soldered and tested. Supports Arduino IDE and micropython!

For the Halloween Hacker Edition Nuggets, all orders will get free access to our Halloween Haxx Workshop which will be emailed to you, and a color changing case / glow in the dark case at random.  Random orders will also get a NeoPixel strip so you can program your own awesome Halloween lights!  https://youtu.be/-7beYngHosA

Quickstart video: https://youtu.be/WAG7yCbEFtw

See setup guide here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLdaPIK6lfk

See the following sketch for detecting Wi-Fi deauth attacks: https://github.com/HakCat-Tech/HaxxDetector

Beginner sketches & projects for MicroPython, Arduino, & CircuitPython: https://github.com/skickar/WiFiNugget

Nuggets come pre-flashed with the Wi-Fi Deauth detector by @spacehuhn and @alexlynd. If you'd prefer the Wi-Fi deauther or Micropython, please leave a note and we'll flash it with whichever you prefer.

Note: Red boards are discounted for having a smudged silkscreen, which is mostly covered after assembly