Wi-Fi Nugget Kit - Not Assembled

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A Wifi Nugget kit complete with PCB, screen, buttons, neopixel, headers, and D1 mini board. You will need to solder (in order):

1) A single through-hole D1 Mini development board

2) A single through-hole SH1106 OLED display

3) 4 surface-mount buttons with large pads

4) 1 surface-mount neopixel with large pads

This kit should be easy to moderate to assemble for beginners to soldering.

D1 Mini is pre-flashed and tested. Supports Arduino IDE and micropython!

See the following sketch for detecting Wi-Fi deauth attacks: https://github.com/HakCat-Tech/HaxxDetector

Beginner sketches for micropython: https://github.com/skickar/WiFiNugget