ESP8266 Deauther - D1 Mini Kit Pre-Flashed

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For the HOPE conference workshop: 

Hands-On With Wi-Fi Hacking on the ESP8266

This is a Wi-Fi Deauther ESP8266 D1 Mini development board, tested and pre-flashed with either the V2.5 or V3 deauther firmware. It comes with pin headers you can solder, a mini breadboard, and a holographic Retia sticker, plus some conference stickers.

Please indicate if you want the V2.5 (web interface, beginner-friendly) or v3 version (serial only, more advanced) of the deauther flashed when purchasing.


What is included:

1) Pre-flashed D1 Mini ESP8266 development board

2) Pin headers for soldering

3) Mini breadboard

4) Holographic Retia team sticker + random hacker sticker

5) Access to the "Hands-On With Wi-Fi Hacking on the ESP8266" workshop, so you can re-watch it any time

From the workshop:

Wi-Fi hacking has become cheaper and easier with the creation of the Wi-Fi deauther, an Arduino based firmware for the ESP8266 that allows it to perform advanced Wi-Fi attacks for as little as a few dollars on any operating system. This workshop is for beginners interested in hacking with microcontrollers, hackers interested in learning Wi-Fi hacking, and anyone interested in what's possible with low-cost devices.