The Company

Kody K. 


Science is how I make sense of the world and the pursuit of the deepest possible understanding of my surroundings has always seemed the most natural and logical pursuit in life, but I often find unapplied theory difficult to focus on. I prefer execution of theory, which drew me to hacking and cybersecurity. As society becomes more connected and virtualized, I am deeply interested in the role of computers and those who can understand, create, and exploit them in our future society. After doing business development in the LA mobile app tech scene and later doing consulting and media production in the fashion district, I began working at Null Byte, and organized a team of hackers and computer scientists that teach bleeding-edge techniques and ethical hacking fundamentals. I’m also a computer science student and board member of Pasadena Computer Science Club, as well as an active member at CrashSpace LA and Null Space Labs. I am currently the host of Null Byte's Youtube channel and show "Cyber Weapons Lab".

The Team

Retia is a team of ethical hackers, media producers, and STEM student volunteers that love teaching beginners about computer science, cybersecurity, and STEM fundamentals. Our goal is to cultivate our future leaders in STEM and motivate talented people into pursuing STEM careers through exciting and relevant media, educational events, and in-person training courses showcased by an inclusive community of hackers, makers, and engineers.

Venue and Event Press

Our team attends hackerspaces and tech conferences regularly to speak with key players, capture interviews of rising talent in the industry, get first-hand details on the latest tech news, make connections, and of course, learn from our peers in the hacker community.

STEM Events

We work with academic organizations to host events, teach in-person classes, and manage school clubs focused on teaching beginners about infosec, bringing the best of the hacker community and culture to computer science students and STEM majors.