• Education

    We create free CyberSecurity focused content that makes it easy for beginners to follow along, and also host community workshops that aim to inspire budding makers, hackers and tinkerers.

  • Hardware

    We design open-source tools that empower beginners to learn a wide range of skills - from hardware design to WiFi hacking. Our designs use easily sourceable components that allow anyone to follow along, and create their own hardware.

Retia Hardware

Learn about what makes our open-source & education focused hardware unique.

  • Hack

    Our security focused hardware makes it easy to learn security techniques used by professionals - from WiFi hacking to web application security testing.

    Learn about the WiFi Nugget 
  • Tinker

    Our designs & kits are created around easily sourceable parts that anyone can assemble themselves - whether you're looking to learn hardware assembly, or just want to follow along with parts lying around.

    Check out Hardware Kits 
  • Code

    Our products are driven by languages like C++ and Python, and include beginner friendly walkthroughs that let you control hardware, learn about web apps, or even automate WiFi attacks.

    Find our code on GitHub 

Retia - Learn to Hack!

Learn about our content and education platform.

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  • Workshops

    We host engaging, hands-on workshops at local hackerspaces and security conferences, where we teach hardware assembly, wifi security, and more!

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  • Tutorials

    We create educational cybersecurity and hardware hacking videos across platforms like Hak5 and SecurityFWD, and the Retia channel

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  • Livestreams

    We go live on the SecurityFwd channel twice a week! Catch our live hacker Q&A on Tuesday, and our hacker news stream on Friday.

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