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Upgraded Slim Nugget Case V1.5

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Screen damage is the #1 threat to a Nugget. The upgraded slim Nugget case can protect and personalize your Nuggets, while allowing easy access to the internal flashing button!

This case is compatible with the Wi-Fi Nugget and USB Nugget, although the Wi-Fi Nugget does not require the flashing button to be pressed.

We engineered the Slim Nugget case to be 19% thinner than the Rugged Nugget case, while retaining the secure new snap-fit design. Each case comes with 2 randomly colored lanyards.

The slim case design makes the power, ground, and GPIO pins easy to access and works on any Nugget board. 2 snap-fit tabs click into place to prevent the case from opening by accident.

Previously, it was necessary to take off the case off a USB Nugget to access the flash button on the back to flash new firmware. The new case design solves this by allowing you to easily press a flashing button behind the Nugget's ear to enter flashing mode without removing the case.

Cases are printed by our team on Prusa & Ender printers, so there may be some variety in case texture.

 *All new nugget orders come with one V1.0 or V1.5 case*