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Beginner Hardware Hacker's Gift Kit

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Cyber Monday Deal: The Perfect Gift for Aspiring Techies and Hackers - Beginner Hardware Hacker's Gift Kit 

This Cyber Monday, surprise the tech enthusiast or budding hacker in your life with our exclusive "Beginner Hardware Hacker's Gift Kit." It's an ideal present for those who love to tinker, explore, and create in the realm of technology.

Kit Contents - Tailored for the Curious and Creative:

  • USB Nugget: A user-friendly microcontroller that's the heart of the kit. It's equipped with a screen, buttons, and WiFi - perfect for learning and executing a variety of hacking tasks.
  • 3D Printed Case: Stylishly houses the USB Nugget, combining functionality with a sleek design.
  • Mini Breadboard: Allows for hassle-free prototyping. Perfect for beginners who want to experiment without permanent soldering.
  • Breadboard Tail Breakout PCB: A key component that seamlessly connects the USB Nugget to the breadboard, expanding the range of possible projects.

Why It's the Ideal Gift:

  • Engaging and Educational: This kit isn't just a toy; it's a comprehensive learning tool that introduces the basics of hacking and programming in a fun, interactive way.
  • Versatile and Expandable: Whether they’re interested in HID attacks or hardware programming, this kit covers a broad spectrum of tech interests and is compatible with platforms like CircuitPython and Arduino.
  • Real-Time Interaction and Feedback: The built-in screen and WiFi connectivity make it exciting to see the results of their coding and hacking efforts in real time.

Community and Support:

  • They won't be alone on their tech journey. The kit comes with access to an online community on Discord, where they can ask questions, share projects, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Upgrade Their Tech Game This Cyber Monday: Gift the Beginner Hardware Hacker's Gift Kit to your favorite techie or aspiring hacker. It’s an invitation to explore, learn, and create in the exciting world of technology!

Some projects the USB Nugget supports:

Want to update your Nugget?
^ Chrome, Edge, & Safari browser updater

Got a Nugget question?

Join our Discord server to ask a question, share your projects, & connect with our community!