Wi-Fi Nugget - Assembled

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A fully assembled Wifi Nugget based on the ESP8266, complete with screen, buttons, neopixel, headers, and D1 mini board, soldered and tested. Supports Arduino IDE and micropython!

Quickstart video: https://youtu.be/WAG7yCbEFtw

See setup guide here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLdaPIK6lfk

See the following sketch for detecting Wi-Fi deauth attacks: https://github.com/HakCat-Tech/HaxxDetector

Beginner sketches & projects for MicroPython, Arduino, & CircuitPython: https://github.com/skickar/WiFiNugget

Nuggets come pre-flashed with the Wi-Fi Deauth detector by @spacehuhn and @alexlynd. If you'd prefer the Wi-Fi deauther or Micropython, please leave a note and we'll flash it with whichever you prefer.

Note: Red boards are discounted for having a smudged silkscreen, which is mostly covered after assembly