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RubberNugget (ESP32S2 / S2 Nugget)

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The new S2 Nugget is a Wi-Fi Nugget breakout board combined with an ESP32s2 based S2 Mini development board.

The S2 Nugget uses a USB type C connector and breaks out 3 rows of pins for easy programming of other hardware or sensors. Each ships with a custom 3d printed case to protect the screen of your Nugget.

Watch the quickstart video here:

The ESP32s2 has many advantages over the ESP8266 used in the original Wi-Fi Nugget, such as:

  1. USB support, allowing you to drag and drop code to a flash drive
  2. HID support, allowing you to do USB rubber ducky style attacks
  3. Wi-Fi monitor mode in Python
  4. Support for CircuitPython

The S2 Nugget is supported by Arduino IDE and supports MicroPython and CircuitPython.

This Nugget mounts as a flash drive you can drag and drop CircuitPython code to, allowing you to program the S2 Nugget without using command line tools.

This special edition S2 Nugget uses the ESP32s2 based S2 Mini development board instead of the ESP8266 based D1 mini, which is used in the standard Wi-Fi Nugget.

Find example code and technical resources here:

See the Wiki here:

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