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USB Nugget (ESP32S2)

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The USB Nugget is a cute, powerful microcontroller platform that features a screen, buttons, and WiFi support for flexible payload deployment.

Run and edit payloads over WiFi from mobile and desktop devices, or use the quick-select menu to launch payloads at the press of a button. Watch each command execute in real time on the built-in screen, and get instant feedback on your attack from the built-in LED.

The USBNugget mounts as a USB flash drive when plugged into your computer, making it easy to drag and drop multiple payloads to the onboard storage.

The USBNugget is based on the ESP32-S2 WiFi chipset which offers features like:

  1. USB support, allowing you to drag and drop code to a flash drive
  2. HID support, allowing you to do keystroke injection style attacks
  3. Wi-Fi monitor mode in Python
  4. Support for Adafruit CircuitPython

Some projects the USB Nugget supports:

Want to update your Nugget?
^ Chrome, Edge, & Safari browser updater

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